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I was born in the snow of Minnesota  but raised in the California sun.  My childhood was probably a lot like yours I played outside, spent a lot of time with family and of course went to school.  I loved learning so school came easy to me with one exception, Math.  So, if you catch me adding wrong… It’s because I didn’t use a calculator, HAHA!  My favorite subject was always English, I loved writing then and still do to this day. I have written poetry, short stories and essays on assigned topics.  I know what you’re thinking, “Who loves to write about stuff they don’t know?”  Well to be honest, I do because I always learn something in the process.  

I was a social butterfly at a young age and to this day I still take pride in making, developing and nurturing amazing relationships.  Over the years I have learned how to draw boundaries, say no,  speak up and never fear telling the truth which didn’t come easy young and is partly why I experienced some of the hardships in my life.  Not all of my childhood was as easy as school was, I grew up pretty poor with parents who didn’t make the best decisions or set the greatest examples all of the time, but I was loved A LOT by my entire family and I never doubted that for a minute.  My grandparents had eight children, my mother had 3 and I myself had one, he is my pride and joy and you will hear a lot about him in my books.  I had him just after I graduated high school (yes out of wed lock, but don’t judge me yet).  Unfortunately he became a victim of my circumstances, as I of my mothers, and I am greatly sorry to him for that (again you’ll get details eventually) but I know that he is a lot like me and has grown greatly because of what he’s been through.  

I have always taken pride in transparency, to me that means no matter who you are if you ask me something I am going to be 100% honest with you and true to myself with my answer.  It can be difficult to do this without being offensive sometimes but I try my best.  The old saying “The Truth Hurts” is on point and I stand by the statement “Don’t ask a question you don’t really want the answer to” as well.  I feel that interactions with people and life experiences are all learning opportunities and we take from them what we need in the moment, but if you revisit something days, weeks or even years later you may actually learn even more than you ever expected.  These beliefs are what have brought me here to this point in my life, th decision to write books, creating this #IDBYDB movement and putting myself and all my experiences out there for many to read about.

As for my “WHY”,  I am doing this for so many reasons.  I want to share what I’ve learned, how I’ve lived, why I’ve come to believe as I have, all in the hopes of helping even just one person in any way possible.  In that process I figure making a long time dream of mine a reality is a great bonus.  I dream to be an Author, Public Speaker/Figure, Relationship coach and someone who one day can look back on life and say, “I gave better and received better because I deserved better, just like you do."  I’ll be honest with you (that whole transparency thing I was talking about) I am not an expert on anything other than the life I’ve lived.  My life was not always easy and not always hard.  I’ve lived through my fair share of abuse and I believe I have become stronger and wiser through that.  I intend to use that along with all the good things in my life to reach out and connect to you.  

Launching this site is the first step in a journey I hope will help motivate and inspire you right along side me. Follow along to learn more about #IDBYDB and see where it can take you.  Feel free to contact me anytime, I’d love to hear from you.  

Don't forget to share the site with your friends and family, you never know who it might help!  They deserve the opportunity to decide for themselves. 


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