How do I make new friends?

I seriously was sitting with my life coach the last Friday in May and I said this out loud.... it makes me giggle now because I didn’t need her to tell me! I’ve been doing this for years. Sure, it can sometimes be difficult to find places to meet people but it is by no means Impossible. As a mater of fact.... it’s not as difficult as some of you would think.

So my life could be changing soon, new adventures are definitely on their way. With me writing a book series and my husband working towards his goals of law enforcement so Many possibilities are at arms reach. From moving to a new town, possibly even a new state literally anywhere along one of the borders most likely to seeing the success of my writing pay off In SO many ways. In preparation for these adventures I’ve posted some things for sale on social media sites. In doing so I’ve come into contact with a lot of new people. It’s amazing to me how something as simple as a transaction can lead to conversations about commonalities.

So, when I think about the fact the I actually asked “how do I make new friends or meet new people” it really makes me LOL 🤣🤣! While she has some great suggestions I would have never thought of... did you know Craigslist’s has sections for local meet ups or people in your area looking for friends!? Like, hey I’m a 40 year old woman whose a bookworm and self development junkie an aspiring writer/relationship coach and I’m looking for like minded people to hang out with...”. How awesome is that?

Well because I realize that not everyone makes friends easily, knows where to go to make new friends or has confidence in their ability to choose healthy friends I thought I’d put together a little list of tips to friendship....hope it helps.

Tips to and cultivating friendships

1. Get out of your own way.

When you come in contact with people throughout your day, don’t be fearful to strike up a chat, make small comments or compliment someone in someway. What’s the worse that can happen?... they look at you and walk off!?!? Their loss! What’s the best that can happen?! You find commonalities, exchange numbers, become FaceBook friends and lord knows where that can go!!!

2. Don’t make assumptions

Do not under any circumstances assume anything about a stranger! Don’t think to yourself; they don’t look friendly, they probably don’t want me talking to them, she sure looks snobby, he looks scary and might hurt me for talking to him.... none of these types of assumptions will help you! For all you know the look on their face is sadness but by interpreting it as standoffish you could be missing an opportunity to make a new friend and possibly save their life for the day! Now, all that considered please think safely.... don’t hop into a strangers car or home without having safety measures in place Telling others exactly where you are etcetera.

3. Join local clubs or groups.

As mentioned earlier, you can search online resources; Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, church centers, local event boards and other community resources for groups in your area that foster environments specific to a passion or hobby of yours. By joining these types of groups you are immersing yourself into communities full off people with similar interests as yourself and are bound to meet new friends that can bring a ton to your table.....

remember- if you’re the smartest person in the room and are not the instructor you’re in the wrong room! AND.... GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY....

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