My how time flies and things change

Hello my sweet friends!! Let me start by saying I am so grateful for you! Each and everyone of you have given me amazing support in my journey. I know that I had big plans for this blog and I still do! It’s all been a HUGE learning process for me though, and let me tell you what!!!!

Since my last post almost a year ago I have built an amazing network of friends! I have worked hard with a life coach. I have worked hard on relationships in my life, putting into practice all the things I’ve learned over the years of experiencing hardships and sometimes failures in relationships. so much so that my confidence in writing and becoming a coach has grown exponentially! This is very exciting to me because it leads me to the next step. No I haven’t finished my book but I have excellent reason for not.

You see when I was writing the first six chapters I started out taking the bull by the horns and it felt good, really, really good. Then some things happened in relationship I was cultivating that took me to a dark place and I could see the deeper into those dark caves I wandered the more negative my writing seemed to be. Now, I’m a pretty happy person and positive a lot of the time... most people are, but I was beginning to focus on the negative aspects of my stories. One day I read through all 6 chapters I had written and I was great through chapter 3. Then...chapter 4 made me angry. I didn’t cry, rather I literally slammed my computer closed and rest my head in my hands.

No way what I just read was coming from me! It was just not possible. I felt like I went from lifting people up through my lessons to warning them about how dreadful a lot of relationships could be. That is definitely not the same message I intended on putting out into the universe. I thought maybe it was a fluke and I suffered through reading two more chapters. Nope, that was no fluke. I really did write that junk, how depressing. You know what it taught me though? I’ll tell you, it taught me that one of the MOST IMPORTANT things anyone can do if they want to create, develop and maintain exceptionally fulfilling relationships they MUST create, develop and maintain their own mental and physical health first..

So what did I do you ask.... I cleaned house! I took up a few new hobbies; Authenticity with myself and others, Respect (expecting it from and giving it to others) and 100% self care. I learned to eat even better, workout regularly, love myself more. I cleansed people out of my life/home who brought negative energy with them, can’t have that lingering around. Then you know what I did? Hahaha you’ll love this the most! I decided I wanted to pursue my career as a relationship coach, so I am presently working with a coach Who is guiding me into that process. this week I’m putting together my system, questionnaires, intake forms and scheduling & payment systems.

I ha ent quit writing I’ve just decided to focus on the positive and restructure my writing goal. Books will still be a source of revenue for me and information to you one day very, very soon. Just not this very moment.

I‘m very excited for this step and would love tour support! If you follow me on facebook, Instagram or TikTok please like, comment and interact with me. This will help me get exposure. I cannot wait to build relationships deeper than the deepest seas with all of you. What a great way to get to know you all and spread love and positivity throughout the world.

Networking is a huge part of this new venture of mine so if you know anyone who has a need to build better relationships with friends, family or anything on the social spectrum feel free to send them to my pages for information, just as likely if you know someone who offers a service that I may find helpful I’d love to connect with them too!

This is a life long dream of mine and I want nothing more than to share it with everyone!

Mandy Michele coaching services

”I help clients gain confidence to create, develop and maintain exceptional relationships. No longer feeling lonely defeated or emotionally draining to themselves or others using my unique 6 step system so they can form strong healthy and exceptionally fulfilling bonds”

tell me what you think? Good or bad... I need the Input of those I trust and you are those!!!

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